About EOF

“EOF” stands for “Energy of Flow.” The name is based on the idea that every action we take, no matter how small, creates ripples that spread out in every direction. These waves expand and eventually join together to form a powerful flow. This flow is the fundamental energy that moves us forward and connects us with our future. Depending on our actions, this “energy of flow” could change the world for the better.

EOF is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the relationship between humans and nature, through conservation, education and efficient use of cultural resources.


The following long-term ideals form the basis of all our activity:

  1. Reverse the deterioration of the natural environment and conserve existing resources
  2. Apply underutilized cultural resources where they are needed most
  3. Adapt human lifestyle so as to coexist in harmony with nature

Causes We Support

Marine Conservation

EOF is dedicated to preserving the ocean and the diverse life it supports. We feel that the plight of sharks in particular is not being sufficiently addressed, and hope to do what we can to fill that gap and maintain the balance of the ocean.

Remote Island Prosperity

Okinawa’s remote islands are treasure troves of untapped resources and breathtakingly beautiful scenery. However, due to population decline, labour shortage and inaccessibility, living conditions are generally deteriorating and uncountable riches are going to waste.

Disaster Victims in Japan

The disasters of 2011/03/11 caused serious damage to the environment and the agricultural industry of the affected areas has suffered greatly. Many people are living in difficulty as a result, losing their farmland and facing health risks as well.

What Can EOF Do?

EOF is developing and conducting activities to support these causes and work towards our long-term goals.


  • Monitoring the state of marine life in certain areas, such as tagging vulnerable shark species
  • Using tools such as social media to educate people about these causes and increase awareness
  • Promoting the merits of remote islands of Okinawa by holding events, collaborating with sponsors and spreading information
  • Assisting with temporary evacuation, job placement and migration for disaster victims

To read about our activities in more detail, please visit the Projects page.