How to Help

Your continued support is the driving force behind our cause.

When someone takes action for EOF, it show us that there are people out there with the same beliefs, working towards the same goals. Any contribution we receive reassures us that somewhere, someone is cheering us on. This gives us the power to move forward.

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Any individual or group that endorses our activities is invited to become a member of EOF. For details on how to register, please contact us.

Make a Donation

EOF is dedicated to our cause of improving the relationship between people and the natural environment. To that end, we are working towards bringing a better life to disaster victims, improving the prosperity of Okinawa and increasing cultural exchange between communities across Japan.

As an NPO, we are supported entirely by the generosity of those who take an interest in this cause. Donations from our supporters, no matter how small, will allow us to expand and increase our current activities and move steadily toward our goals. We greatly appreciate your contributions.

For instructions on how to donate, please contact us.

Use and Display EOF Original Goods

Products designed by members and supporters of EOF are available for download or purchase here.