Organization Profile


Message From the Chairman

Since the events of 2011/03/11, our way of living has changed.
When we think about all that has passed since that day, and how we arrived at the present situation, we find many questions are waiting to be answered.
Is there a need for us to reconsider our civilisation in terms of the natural environment?
How should we alter our individual lifestyles to bring about this greater change?

To answer these questions and face the resulting issues, I have identified a set of ideals:

1. Solving growing environmental problems that are not currently being addressed
2. Efficient application of underutilized cultural resources
3. Symbiotic coexistence of humans with the natural environment

Together with my like-minded supporters I hope to develop activities using these ideals as an underlying basis.

Organization Outline

Name Specified Non-Profit Organization EOF
Founded 2013/10/21
Board Members Chairman of the board Shinka Yokomizo
Vice Chairman Takefumi Hayashi
Director Yuko Sagawa
Auditor Kyohei Fujinami
Auditor Atsushi Satou
Location Main office Yokohama City, Kanagawa
Secondary Base of Operations Shimajiri 1827 Aza, Iheya-son, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa


2011/03/15 Began activities as a private organization
2013/10/21 EOF officially registered as a specified non-profit corporation
2014/04/01 EOF website released to the public (Japanese version)
2014/06/01 English version of EOF website released
2015/04/01 Admission of EOF as a special member of the Iheya Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Timeline of Events

2011/03/11 The Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
2012/07/17 Fukushima on-site inspection:
Interacting with occupants of temporary housing;
viewing the actual circumstances of the area one year after the disaster
2012/10/31 Inspection of Ikata Nuclear Power Plant (Ehime prefecture)
2012/11/19 Chairman Yokomizo met with charity worker and activist Mika Noro
2013/01/17 EOF represented at the Shark Symposium (Tokyo Prefecture)
2013/02/29 Chairman Yokomizo relocated to Iheya Island
2013/03 Information exchange sessions held with officials of Iheya Fisheries Association to discuss topics such as shark sightings and the condition of local marine life
2013/04/22 Annual general assembly of the Iheya Chamber of Commerce and Industry and inauguration of EOF Chairman Yokomizo as auditor-general
2013/05/06 EOF Chairman Yokomizo featured in a Ryukyu Shimpo article representing the Iheya Chamber of Commerce and Industry
2013/05/29 EOF representative visited KZN Sharks Board (South Africa) to investigate facilities and fundraising, make contact with members
2013/06/28 EOF represented at the Okinawa Shark Symposium
2013/06/29 EOF represented at the Satellite symposium (The filter feeding elasmobranchs: Unraveling their many mysteries)
2014/02/18 Meeting between Mika Noro and the Iheya Chamber of Commerce and Industry to discuss support for disaster victims
2014/02/19 Meeting between Mika Noro, various village officials and EOF Chairman Yokomizo to discuss the above issue
2014/05/03 Participation in Iheya Golden Week Welcome Event, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry
2014/06, 07 On-site inspections of Zamami Island as a candidate for temporary evacuation of disaster victims
2014/07/19, 20 Held a booth at the 26th Annual Iheya Festival
2014/09/05 Iheya (Shimajiri) Harvest Festival
2014/11/16 Held a beach cleaning day on Yonezaki West Coast Beach
2015/01 Recuperation support for disaster victims commenced in an official capacity
2015/03/09 Held a meeting with Hiroshi Ueki, chairman of the Fukushima Children’s Home Fund facility in Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture
2015/04/11 Held a booth at the event “Digitalblock in Naha vol.3″
2015/05/02 Participation in Iheya Golden Week Welcome Event, in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry