We have developed the following activities to support our causes in specific ways and at the same time contribute to the realization of our long-term goals.

Marine Conservation

EOF is dedicated to preserving the ocean and the diverse life it supports. While we admire the conservation efforts of various groups around the world, we notice that the plight of sharks is not being sufficiently addressed.

What EOF Can Do

  • Examine and report the current status of polluted regions
  • Attach tags to sharks in the waters of Okinawa to monitor their activity
  • Patrol these waters for illegal or non-discerning fishing boats and report them to the authorities
  • Educate people about sharks in order to change negative perceptions and increase positive interest
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Remote Island Prosperity

Our main focus is on Iheya, an island of great beauty and natural resources unique even to Okinawa. However, owing to factors such as inaccessibility and lack of infrastructure, the population is decreasing and the island’s treasures are going to waste.

What EOF Can Do

  • Introduce school excursion projects
  • Work together with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and village leaders to help make more efficient use of government funding
  • Increase publicity and tourism by organizing events, making connections with sponsors, promoting local products and more
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Support for Disaster Victims

Many people are still living with the consequences of the 03/11 catastrophe and the events that followed. In certain regions, farmers and fishermen have lost their livelihood, and children can no longer play outdoors because of potential health risks.

Looking for a way to protect their families, some victims are thinking of temporary evacuation or even permanent migration. However, support and assistance is required in order to help them get started.

What EOF Can Do

  • Introduce temporary evacuees to safe destinations and facilitate the process
  • Help create employment opportunities for affected workers, which would in turn bring much-needed labour and expertise to Iheya and other outlying islands
  • Work together with agricultural and fishing associations in Okinawa to develop an agricultural exchange program

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Recent Activity


Yonezaki West Coast Beach Clean-up

Yonezaki Beach Clean-up

3 volunteers from the island and 3 from across the ocean spent over 4 hours cleaning the beach that stretches along the western coastline of Yonezaki on Iheya Island. We filled 15 90-litre garbage bags with a wide variety of objects that had washed ashore, as well as picking up larger items that had been dumped on the beach. Read more…


Iheya Harvest Festival

Iheya Harvest Festival

Some of our EOF members performed in the stick fighting display, which proved a gruelling but rewarding experience. We feel blessed to have been a part of such an ancient and spiritual culture, and were even requested to appear again next year! Read more…

2014/07/19 – 2014/07/20

Iheya Festival 2014

Stall at Iheya Festival 2014

EOF had our own stall for the first time, and this gave us the opportunity to interact with many people of Iheya Island. The delight on the faces of the children was a blessing for which we are truly thankful, and from which we received a powerful boost of motivation! Read more…