Marine Conservation

EOF is dedicated to preserving the ocean and the diverse life it supports, and we wish to allow future generations to experience its wonder as we have.

Why Sharks?

While we admire the conservation efforts of various groups around the world, we notice that the plight of sharks is not being sufficiently addressed. If sharks were to become extinct, the balance of the ocean would be upset to the point that all other marine life would suffer too. In other words, by protecting sharks, we protect the ocean.

Oceanic Whitetip Sharks

According to the locals of Iheya Island, many types of shark may be seen in the waters nearby. They mention dusky sharks, mako sharks, blue sharks, hammerheads and even great whites. However, the sighting of an oceanic whitetip is what really got our attention.

Owing to the size of its fin, the oceanic whitetip is one of the major targets of the shark finning trade, and as of 2013 it is now on the CITES list of endangered commercially valuable species.

So what can we do to help them?
  • Examine and report the current status of polluted regions of ocean and land
  • Attach tags to sharks in the waters of Okinawa so as to monitor their activity
  • Patrol these waters for illegal or non-discerning fishing boats and report them to the authorities
  • Determine the northern limit of the habitable zone of the Oceanic Whitetip
  • Educate people about sharks in order to change negative perceptions and increase positive interest

The ocean may be vast, but it is not infinite. This gives us the hope to venture out and take on these tasks with determination.