Support for Disaster Victims

Many people are still living with the consequences of the 03/11 catastrophe and the events that followed. In certain regions, farmers and fishermen have no way to use their skills and experience and land sits empty and unusable. Because of possible health risks, children in some areas are not allowed to play outdoors and wear dosimeters at all times.

Some of these people are looking for a better life and a way to protect their families and their future. Perhaps they are considering temporary evacuation or even permanent migration. However, many people don’t even know where to start, or they don’t have the means to travel around the country looking for a new home and work.

We believe Okinawa would make the ideal destination for recreation and recuperation. We want children to experience the freedom of playing outdoors without fear for their health.

In Okinawa, there is arable land to be tilled and edible fish to be caught. However, owing to labour shortages and migration to cities, these resources go untapped. What if people from opposite sides of Japan could share their wisdom and culture, filling in mutual gaps and reaping mutual rewards?

What EOF Can Do

  • Promote Okinawan islands (such as Iheya and Zamami) as candidate destinations to those who would benefit from temporary evacuation and/or migration
  • Help organise the process by assisting with planning, promotion, assignment of resources and other tasks
  • Create awareness of the plight of the disaster victims not just in Iheya but through Okinawa as a whole
  • Find a way to use vacant farmland on Iheya to create employment opportunities for workers affected by the disaster, and thus put their skills and expertise to much-needed use
  • Work together with the agricultural and fishing associations of Iheya to develop an agricultural exchange program